How to Adjust Your Truss Rod

All Córdoba guitars come equipped with a lightweight, two-way truss rod that allows you to adjust the amount of relief in your guitar’s neck, or the amount of natural bow in the neck. This practical feature provides a solution for when a guitar’s neck changes due to climate fluctuations or wood movement by allowing you to return the amount of relief to your original preference. You will turn the Allen wrench that came with your guitar counter-clockwise to add relief or a correct a back bow, and turn clockwise to reduce relief or correct too much forward bow.

Remember that adjusting your truss rod even an eighth of an inch can make a substantial difference in how easily the guitar plays.  The neck of your guitar is not supposed to be straight; the optimal amount of relief is between .003″ and .008″ on the bass side, and slightly less on the treble side. If you’re reluctant to make this adjustment yourself, bring your guitar to any authorized Cordoba dealer where a technician will be happy to help you.