Multi-scale Prototype

The most unique guitar to come out of our shop so far.


“I wanted to apply some concepts used in other genres of guitar to a nylon string. Fanned frets, for example, creates a longer scale length on the bass strings with a shorter scale length on the treble. This allows for a big powerful bass while maintaining sweet trebles that are not harsh. It also lends itself better to alternate tunings that many steel string fingerstyle players use.

In addition, the offset body idea is unusual for acoustic guitars. My idea as to take an asymmetrical internal bracing pattern and make it external. Essentially, I made the body bigger on the bass side and smaller on the treble. I was very pleased with the result on a nylon string guitar.

These ideas are not common on a nylon string guitar, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t try them! This is definitely the most unique guitar to come out of our shop so far.” – Andrew Enns



  • Base Model: None (custom design)
  • Serial #: 613
  • Top: Cedar
  • Back/Sides: Indian Rosewood
  • Finish: Polyurethane
  • Made August 2016
  • Sold to Johnson String Instruments, in Massachusetts, USA