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Córdoba Included in Acoustic Guitar’s Roundup of “Over 45 Great Guitars for Under $600”

Looking for a great guitar, but on a strict budget? We’ve all been there! But luckily, Acoustic Guitar did your dirty work and researched all of the best options under 600 big ones. We’re honored to be on the list (and we definitely agree with them)! Here’s what AG had to say: If you’re suffering from classical G.A.S. (that’s guitar acquisition syndrome), you don’t have to shell out thousands for a handmade concert instrument.…

Player’s Choice: GOLD!

We are feeling the love! Thank you for voting Cordoba as Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s top Nylon String Guitar Brand this year!

Córdoba Rodriguez featured in “Great Acoustics”

We were honored to be featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s “Great Acoustics” section in their 25th Anniverary issue! Great Acoustics is a recurring article that provides a biography…