Kenny Hill: An internationally recognized guitar maker, player, and teacher, Hill has been building guitars since 1973. He is currently the president of Hill Guitar Company, building nylon-string guitars for performers around the world. Hill is the chief designer and production manager of all Iberia and Fusion series guitars.

Edmund Blöchinger: Since 1982, Blöchinger has handcrafted guitars from the finest quality woods, and has worked closely with the great guitarists of the Romero family. Although he works alone and only produces 10 handmade instruments per year, Blöchinger designs and oversees the building of all España and Artist level guitars made in Spain.

Tim Miklaucic: Cordoba was founded by Tim Miklaucic, a life-long guitar enthusiast. Moved by classical and flamenco music during his travels in Spain at a very early age, Miklaucic studied under the esteemed Romero family and had the privilege to attend master classes with Andrés Segovia. These experiences lead Miklaucic in 1983 to start a boutique high-end nylon string retail shop, Guitar Salon International (GSI). Through his travels and commitment to the nylon string guitar, Miklaucic formed long lasting friendships with respected master luthiers like Jose Ramirez III, Manuel Contreras, Miguel Rodriguez, Edmund Bloechinger and Kenny Hill. When an opportunity to create his own line of affordable, high quality nylon string guitars arose, he relied on his guitar community and his well-trained ear to create Cordoba.