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Gearank Gives Top Honors to the GK Studio Negra!

August 9, 2016 has rated the Córdoba GK Studio Negra the highest rated nylon string guitar between $500 - $1000 by the Gearank algorithm! 

Gearank rates their guitars based on an alysis of market sentiment rather than the opinion of one editorial reviewer--so you know the GK Studio Negra is 100% awesome. 

A few of the kind words for Gearank:

"Guitarists playing a wide range of styles from flamenco, classical, jazz, blues and folk have praised this instrument in their customer reviews. It has been expcetionally well received for both its unplugged and plugged in tone...this guitar is also one that many people have successfully transitioned to from steel string acoustics."

Gearank also included the C7-CE ("players were impressed with the tone and the solid cedar top") and the C3M ("generally regarded by the market place as a step up from the C40 models of other brands like Yamaha and Washburn") in their round up, both of which received impressively high ratings!

You can see the full roundup here. Learn more about the GK Studio Negra here!


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