Selah Sue


Selah Sue was not destined to become an artist. "I grew up in a really little town in Belgium, and none of my family was into music," reveals the twenty-two year old, with refreshing sincerity. "As a kid, I wanted to be a ballerina. I danced from the age of six to twelve".

Her story is that of a young musician who ignored her fate, and poured her anxieties into her songs and her guitar. "I had all these worries and depressions that I wrote down, it was a way of structuring my thoughts."

Selah Sue turned her doubts into soul, funk and reggae melodies, trying hard to be worthy of her idols, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Bob Marley. Her career began singing in local clubs on the weekends and attending high school during the week. She recorded in home-studios, at friends houses, and published drafts of her songs on Myspace, without a thought of making a career in music.

Thousands of fans began responding to her on the net, attracting the attention of professionals, and the interest of Because Music, which eventually lead to a record deal. Selah's music is a smart melting pot between electric rock, organic hip-hop and soul-funk. Her first album includespoignant ballads like "Mommy" to wilder styles like "Crazy Vibes". Like Janelle Monae, M.I.A. or Aloe Blacc, Selah Sue belongs to a new generation for whom music has no boundaries.

Selah Sue plays a Cordoba C7-CE .


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