Mariachi El Bronx


Punk rock. Mariachi. Two great tastes that go great together - er, right? Well, the two joined regardless one fateful August day in 2006, when The Bronx showed up to play on a television show. At the time, the Los Angeles-based punks were infamous for scabrous rifferama that suggested a return to L.A.'s golden age of hardcore. The show requested the band play an acoustic version of "Dirty Leaves" off the band's second, self-titled album - a request that didn't sit well. "Going "unplugged" was a 90s fad that I had a knee-jerk reaction to dislike," notes guitarist Joby J. Ford. "We wanted to do something a little bit different." Indeed, The Bronx took it one irreverent step further, donning uncharacteristic sombreros and arranging the song as a mariachi lament. "We never wanted The Bronx to be a soft, quiet band," says frontman Matt Caughthran, "but this freed up a whole new realm. Sometimes you don't realize the barriers around yourself until you step outside them. It was a big moment in our career, breathing new life into the band."

And thus Mariachi El Bronx was born.

The sonic merger of the two cultures wasn't so surprising considering the band's evolution out of California's ethnic melting pot. Caughthran grew up in Pico Riviera on the outskirts of Eash L.A. and he has always drawn inspiration and his rebellious sprit in many genres from bands such as Black Flag and Los Lobos.

Since 2006, Mariachi El Bronx has collaborated with many groups such as the Gypsy punk bank, Gogol Bordello, and Mariachi Reyna, a Grammy-nominated all-female mariachi group. They have toured with the likes of The Flaming lips, Foo Fighters, and the Killers and have performed for festival crowds at Coachella and Glastonbury.


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