Local Natives


Local Natives make soaring, sky-scraping harmonies, dreamy orchestral melodies, and throbbing tribal beats that bash their way into your soul. Theirs are songs you can dance to almost as well as you can swoon to them. Drawing a line from the vocal stylings of Crosby Stills Nash & Young and the Zombies through the more esoteric edges of post-punk and Afro-beat, this California five piece have communally crafted a brand of indie rock all their own.

The 12 tracks that make up their debut album, Gorilla Manor (named affectionately after their first house and the inspiration for the majority of their record) spotlight the bands' unique vocals and California sound. After a whirlwind of tours, they are now getting ready to write and record their sophomore album.

Kelsey plays a Fusion 12 Maple, Ryan plays the 25TK tenor ukulele and Taylor has the new Fusion 12 Natural.


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