Canut Reyes


If you ask Canut Reyes where he comes from, he’ll tell you he is the son of the wind of Camargue, France. Born into a very musical family in Arles, France, including Nicolas Reyes, Canut was widely influenced by his father, José Reyes, who was and remains one of the most famous singers of cante jondo. Cante jondo means “deep song” in Andalusian folk music, and is considered the deepest form of vocal expression in flamenco music. Flamenco guitar legend Manitas de Plata is the cousin of José Reyes, and the two formed a famous duo, playing together for many years.

Canut gave his first concerts with his father, mostly during private events where famous artists and political leaders came from all over the world to hear them play. This prestigious audience included Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, the President Pompidou, and Salvador Dalí, but the musical bond Canut has forged over the years with his father has always been the true source of his pride and pleasure.

As the Reyes’ children grew up and honed their skills, he split from Manitas de Plata, and decided to form José Reyes & Los Reyes in the 1970s. Cousins Tonino, Paco, and Diego joined forces with Nicolas and Canut to form the roots of the band we know today as the Gispy Kings.

Canut has composed and sang some of their most famous titles, including “Montaña,” which remains one of their most popular song, even 20 years after it was recorded. Canut and his brothers still travel all around the world, and although they’ve done so for over two decades, they always feel the same pleasure and excitement when it's time for them to hit the road.

Back home in Arles, Canut’s greatest joy comes from sitting with his guitar, a coffee on the table, singing for those who pass by. If you’re lucky enough to sit near him, he'll look deeply at you and play from the heart. On his new solo album, he distills his inner self, and makes you discover his real character: tender, poetic, amused, sometimes sad, and always moving- just like the wind.


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